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Professional surveillance cameras unexpected rendering

Tirelessly in search of the best video rendering, our teams have demonstrated ingenuity to outsmart the intrinsic difficulties in a day and night video surveillance by building a range of the most advanced surveillance cameras. An installation of professional video surveillance worthy of the name, has to overcome the problems of brightness (darkness, against the light, glare, blindness ...) distance, color rendition and definition.
Thus, through the integration of advanced technologies, different surveillance cameras ranges have emerged redefining the limits. AdaptiveIR, LightSens, Pixel'UP, WDR, PTZ, we necessarily have the surveillance camera for you!
Finally, conscious of the image can convey an establishment denatured by installing surveillance cameras, we try to make our products sober, elegant and discreet.

In addition to our range of video recorders you will get a combination of technologies giving you the assurance of a formidable video surveillance installation.

Adaptive IR cameras

Surveillance cameras with adaptive infrared
  • 960H video standard
  • Up to 1000 TVL resolution 
  • Dynamics power infrared management
  • Digital Noise Reduction (3D DNR)
  • High color fidelity
  • Low power consumption
  • Made In Europe

LightSens cameras

Surveillance cameras with intensification light level
  • Video standard 960H
  • Up to 700 TVL Resolution
  • Night Vision without Infrared
  • Up to 0.000035 Lux Sensitivity
  • Color vision in twilight/low light level
  • Designed In Europe

HD-SDI Pixel'Up cameras

Full HD surveillance cameras with digital interface over coaxial cable (SDI)
  • Digital video signal over coaxial cable (SDI)
  • Full HD resolution (1080p) at 30 frames/second
  • No video compression
  • Asphirical Auto Iris lens 
  • Plug & Play installation
  • Designed in Europe

IP Pixel'Up cameras

Full HD IP surveillance cameras
  • Full HD resolution (1080p) at 30 frames/second
  • Symultaneous dual video compression ( H264/MJPEG)
  • Asphirical Auto Iris lens with IR CUT
  • Tight cases for an outside installation
  • 12V Supply by Ethernet cable ( POE)

  • Build in ONVIF norm
  • Designed in Europe

Pixel'UpTVI cameras

Full HD surveillance cameras with composite video interface over coaxial cable (TVI)
  • Analog video signal over coaxial cable (TVI)
  • Full HD resolution (1080p) at 30 frames/second
  • Up to 300 m audio, video, data transmition on RG59 cable 
  • Asphirical Auto Iris lens 
  • Plug & Play installation
  • Old analog DVrs back compatibility
  • Designed in Europe

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