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IP Pixel'Up cameras

Full HD IP surveillance cameras

Strong of its experience in design of FULL HD SDI cameras , we offer today a range of IP Full HD security cameras, respondent perfectly to market needs. In spite of their very studied price, these integrate innovative technologies, and make no compromise on the quality. Intended for the installations of private sites or receiving from the public, all are delivered in tight case, and integrate the POE supply  , to simplify their deployment. Endowed with ultra sensitive video sensor, they allow a color vision on weakly lit sites, and start automatically infrared, and 3D digital filter, for clear videos in the total black.

  • Full HD resolution (1080p) at 30 frames/second
  • Symultaneous dual video compression ( H264/MJPEG)
  • Asphirical Auto Iris lens with IR CUT
  • Tight cases for an outside installation
  • 12V Supply by Ethernet cable ( POE)

  • Build in ONVIF norm
  • Designed in Europe

The range of the  Full HD IP Pixel’UP security cameras  uses the TCPIP l transmission protocol  (internet protocol), standard was widely used in the computing world . The advantages are many: the digital audio and video flows are transmitted on the same network infrastructure, with other data. Cameras can be directly powered by the network cable ( POE). All the models of the range taking care of the standard ONVIF, they are spread out integrable to the systems of the other manufacturers, compatible with this standard. 
From then on, make level an establishment equipped with a system of IP video surveillance become accessible at a lower cost.

  Full HD IP Pixel’UP security cameras, due to their resolution Full house HD (1080p real time) , supply a video quality HDTV, formed tending to become the standard on the video surveillance market. Rich in detail, the Full HD definition takes all its sense. Of a video depiction more of 5 times upper to an analog security camera D1, the zoom becomes more than comfortable. Having their own Web server and software assuring the recording on PC or NAS, they can be used in a autonomous way, or connected to a ONVIF IP recorder.

Connected to a E.O.S II + HD, E.O.S III Network video recorder (NVR), or of our partner Hikvision no possible doubt you will love.

D1 resolution camera
Full HD resolution camera

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