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Pixel'UpTVI cameras

Full HD surveillance cameras with composite video interface over coaxial cable (TVI)

After more than about twenty year of good and faithful service, the using cameras trained it analog PAL, blocked in resolutions of less than 700 Lines Tv is now the past. Welcome in the world of the Full HD analog security cameras . Even there our technological choices were guided by the will to propose a proffessional range of cameras, using open technologies, without compromise on the video quality, and back compatible with the old analog recorders.

  • Analog video signal over coaxial cable (TVI)
  • Full HD resolution (1080p) at 30 frames/second
  • Up to 300 m audio, video, data transmition on RG59 cable 
  • Asphirical Auto Iris lens 
  • Plug & Play installation
  • Old analog DVrs back compatibility
  • Designed in Europe

The range of HD-TVI  Pixel’UP uses the transmission protocol SDI (Serial Digital InterfaceThe advantages are many: real-time Full HD video signal , video signal near to the quality of the HD-SDI, no compression, no network configuration, transmition upp to 300 m  on a coaxial cable.   Therefore, upgrading a facility equipped with an outdated video surveillance system is a breeze cheaply. Disconnect the old surveillance camera and connect the new in its place. Enjoy Full HD's earnings without having to pull cable attached.

HD-TVI pixel UP,Security camera  due to their resolution of 2.1 Mega Pixel, supplies a video quality without compromise at a matchless level of details by security cameras using an analog PAL connection . So, rich in detail, the definition Full HD takes all its sense. Of a video depiction more of 5 times upper to an analog security camera D1, the zoom become  comfortable.

Using the HD-TVI protocol, totally opened, they are compatible with any recorder HD-TVI Brand. Of more designed to benefit from a total back compatibility with the former generations of analog recorders, they will know how to become integrated and participate in the upgrade of the existing installations at a lower cost.

D1 resolution camera
Full HD resolution camera

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