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Adaptive IR cameras

Surveillance cameras with adaptive infrared

Since 2010, year of release of our range of infrared cameras equipped with "smart" infrared (Intelligent IR), we have not ceased to enrich their undoubted potential into total darkness conditions for create the Adaptive IR range. A more meaningful name that designates its foundation and the significant advance in the world of infrared video surveillance made.

  • 960H video standard
  • Up to 1000 TVL resolution 
  • Dynamics power infrared management
  • Digital Noise Reduction (3D DNR)
  • High color fidelity
  • Low power consumption
  • Made In Europe

Traditionally, conventional infrared cameras to suffer from problems of their own. Traditional infrared camera, being itself a source of infrared beam, inevitably suffers from a close distance to overexposure phenomenon. In practice, this translates into an inability to correctly discern too close to said camera target. An unacceptable paradox because ideally is when the target is the closest we should at best be identified.

Infrared surveillance cameras Adaptive IR make end of this singularity. Able to analyze in real time the level of exposure, they automatically vary precisely the power of the infrared beam thus neutralizing the risk of overexposure. In other words, the power of the infrared beam is automatically adjusted depending on the distance of the moving target.

Therefore, the infrared surveillance cameras Adaptive IR becoming essential for the identification of the subject in absolute darkness.

Traditional infrared camera
Overexposed by the IR.
Adaptive IR camera
Dynamic IR for a great indentification

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