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LightSens cameras

Surveillance cameras with intensification light level

Once again, our teams challenged in 2008 issues of night vision with the most market components perform in their field opening the way to new image processing capabilities of considerable power. Assembled, they obtained the range of "Starlight" surveillance cameras halting the limits imposed by a projected infrared surveillance. Philosophy still followed over the years found in the new generation of "LightSens" surveillance cameras without infrared.

  • Video standard 960H
  • Up to 700 TVL Resolution
  • Night Vision without Infrared
  • Up to 0.000035 Lux Sensitivity
  • Color vision in twilight/low light level
  • Designed In Europe

LightSens surveillance cameras without infrared are a light sensitivity unequaled in the video surveillance market. Their ability to capture the smallest light source is such that they can remain in color all night long with the moon or a lamppost as the only light source where all the infrared cameras are switched to infrared night vision (black & white). The subdued lighting institutions rediscovering the color!

Also, by their surprising sensitivity, Lightsens surveillance cameras offer the luxury to shoot in night vision (black and white) without having to generate artificial source of infrared light. The residual and natural infrared light enough for the Lightsens range surveillance cameras. This feat discard the usual limitations of infrared surveillance cameras. Not needing projected infrared light, they have no distance limitation by the emitted light.

Another phenomenon removed, the level of reflection/absorption of light by materials/items filmed. Under the projection of an infrared light projected, snow tends to overexpose the scene when the grass will backfire. The Lightsens surveillance cameras definitely Dam those surprises too often observed once the system is installed!

Infrared LED camera
Extended limited by LED
Lightsens enable in B&W mode (AGC ON)
Lightsens enable in color mode (AGC OFF)

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