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Professional Digital Video Recorders for a daily surveillance

Our digital video recorders (DVR) for the video surveillance are designed and thought to be used intensively in a professional environment which needs a highest dependability. And even if we have created successfully these solutions with the best of reliability, our mission is not finished. We wish every day give for everyone many technology reserved usually for an elite of the professional of the video surveillance. In this way, we have obtained the reputation of precursor of the video surveillance connected with a cash register system most popular under the denomination: Video Control POS System.
Today, our ambition stills the same. Purpose a video surveillance system forward-thinking.

Hardned DVR E.O.S II+ *

An intuitive and powerful video surveillance with the Video Control POS System
  • H.264 video compression
  • 960H real time recording for each channel
  • Video Control POS System integrated
  • Cash register connectable by serial port or network
  • The best cash registers compatibility of market
  • Intuitive user interface 

Hardned DVR E.O.S II+ HD*

The video surveillance by an amazing quality and Video Control POS System embedded
  • SDI digital video input for a perfect signal quality by coaxial cable
  • H.264 video compression
  • Real time Full HD record for each video input
  • Compatibility analog and digital surveillance cameras (8 & 16 way model)
  • Video Control POS System embedded
  • The most cash register compatibility of the market
  • Intuitive GUI

Hardned NVR E.O.S II NVR*

The Full HD IP video surveillance with Video Control POS System embedded
  • Dual Ethernet interface for an optimal bandwidth management  
  • H.264 video compression
  • Up to 3 Mp recording
  • Up to 16 IP camera recording
  • Synchronized replay up to 16 IP caméra 
  • Build in ONVIF protocol
  • Video Control POS System embedded
  • The most cash register compatibility of the market
  • Intuitive GUI

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