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Hardned DVR E.O.S II+ *

Hardned DVR E.O.S II+ *

An intuitive and powerful video surveillance with the Video Control POS System

Their growing popularity, the question did not have to ask about the evolution of our range digital video recorder (DVR) E.O.S II out in 2012 and ensuring its role brilliantly in institutions where video surveillance is a major axis.
Rewarded with a "+" in its name (E.O.S II +), here it is able to support a better encoding resolution (960H) in real time (25 frames per second) and an introduction of simplified POS Video Control System further increasing its compatibility list with POS (Point Of Sale) systems.

  • H.264 video compression
  • 960H real time recording for each channel
  • Video Control POS System integrated
  • Cash register connectable by serial port or network
  • The best cash registers compatibility of market
  • Intuitive user interface 

In 2012, the second generation of digital video recorder (DVR) dedicated to professional video surveillance was initiated. E.O.S II (Embedded Operating System) was intended foolproof, intuitive and powerful like no other video recorder on the video surveillance market.
It was a success.
Today again, E.O.S II remains unparalleled and reigns on video surveillance solutions connected to cash registers through the Video Control POS System.

Excited about the availability of new more powerful electronic components for reduced energy consumption and convection properties in correlation with our platform, it was enough to start the least changes in the range.

And E.O.S II + was born naturally.
Taking advantage of a proven video surveillance platform (E.O.S II), it could not be otherwise than "more". More powerful, more simple, more discreet.

More powerful: Increased quality with support for 960H video standard causing an increase resolution of 30% for each video surveillance camera of the same standard (960H), nothing less than real time of course.
More simple: The Video Control POS System is not forgotten. It will now be possible by dint of native POS LAN increasing opportunities and compatibility with cash registers constantly updated.
More discreet: The thermal dissipation and mastered energy is translated in fact by a more exemplary lifetime and find a place even easier by its reduced dimensions again.

All our E.O.S II+ recorders for video surveillance features a user interface more user-friendly and intuitive of market and probably the only ones to be fully usable and configurable just with a remote control or the 10 buttons on the front panel. Multitasking for use locally, remotely, followed live on main screen and additional, playback, backup... up to 12 users simultaneous.
Full HD local display cloned. Remote consultation from a browser using the embedded Web server, mobile E.O.S II Mobile for iOS & Android smartphone and central supervision E.O.S II Center for centralized management of multiple video recorders (DVR).

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