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Hardned DVR E.O.S II+ HD*

Hardned DVR E.O.S II+ HD*

The video surveillance by an amazing quality and Video Control POS System embedded

The digital video recorder (DVR) range E.O.S II HD (Embedded Operation System) open the way for digital video surveillance Full HD without degrading quality transmission and plug & play by the reserved for the world of cinema technologies and television for a striking result. However, contextually limited by its performences, it was obvious that its development was planned.
This evolution is E.O.S II + HD. A terrible power but mastered for an impressive quality at all levels with Full HD recording (1080p) real time (25 frames per second) for each video input and displaying the Video Control POS System simplified increasing compatibility with cash registers of market.

  • SDI digital video input for a perfect signal quality by coaxial cable
  • H.264 video compression
  • Real time Full HD record for each video input
  • Compatibility analog and digital surveillance cameras (8 & 16 way model)
  • Video Control POS System embedded
  • The most cash register compatibility of the market
  • Intuitive GUI

With our experience and a base in "steel" recognized across the entire range of E.O.S II video recorder ever will seduce the video surveillance market since 2012, the team decided to bring together all skills to offer the range of surveillance digital video recorders E.O.S II + HD.

Compatibility and auto detection of Full HD digital surveillance cameras (SDI) and analog surveillance cameras CIF, D1, 960H provided on coaxial cable for upgrading existing installations smoothly, providing new wiring costs and conserving existing cameras requiring no immediate change.
Although this possibility is offered, once installed and started, you can't resist to rendering offered by our video surveillance recorders E.O.S II + HD associated with Full HD camera (1080p) range Pixel'UP with the SDI transmission protocol over coaxial cable.

The SDI transmission protocol over coaxial cable gives the world of video surveillance Full HD video (and more in the future), identical and perfect at each end of the link without any configuration. Plug & Play!
Long time video surveillance over IP solutions were preferred for their full HD resolution. This argument is no longer acceptable!
While some benefits do their strength, they ameunuisent face our SDI offer with statistically more reliable:

  • No problems related to configuration and network topology. (Routing Rules, intermediate switch devices, routers, neck of étrenglement ...)
  • Fewer embedded components within a clear surveillance camera equipment network elements and its software layers.

The diagnosis compared between the two solutions in case of loss of video surveillance camera is unequivocal!

Video surveillance over coaxial cable Video surveillance over IP (network)
  • The camera is defective
  • The DVR is defective
  • A cable is disconnected
  • The camera is defective
  • The DVR is defective
  • A cable is disconnected
  • Network camera interface is misconfigured
  • Network DVR interface is misconfigured
  • One device on the network is misconfigured or defective
  • And more depending the network plan..

The same problems will appear for the surveillance video solutions over IP and additionnal network problems.

The Video Control POS System is of course present, with the native POS LAN connection that it multiplies the possibilities and compatibility with cash registers constantly changing.

All our surveillance digital video recorders (DVR) E.O.S II + HD have a graphic user interface more user-friendly and intuitive of the market and are among the only ones to be fully usable and configurable using a remote control or their 10 front panel buttons. Multitasking, for use in local, remote, followed live on main screen and offset (s), playback, backup ... up to 12 concurrent users.
Local display Full HD cloned. Remote consultation from a browser using the embedded Web server, mobile E.O.S II Mobile for iOS & Android smartphone and central supervision E.O.S II Center for centralized management of multiple video recorders (DVR).

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