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HD-SDI Full HD video recorder for 4 surveillance cameras HD-SDI and Video Control POS System included

  • H.264 compression video
  • 4 digital HD-SDI video input - Full HD recorde in real time for each video input
  • Video Control POS System inlude for 1 cash register
  • Cash register connexion by serial port or network
  • Graphical user interface user friendly
  • E.O.S II Mobile client available for iOS & Android
  • Supervision central multi site E.O.S II Center
  • Video output HDMI and VGA Full HD (1080p), independant SPOT BNC
  • 500 Go storage capacity up to 8 To
  • Designed and assembled in Europe

The range of E.O.S II+ HD video surveillance recorders has been designed for the most demanding professionals. Food shops, convenience stores, department stores, parking, SMEs and industries are their favorite courses.

VRS-400 features HD-SDI video inputs for 4 surveillance cameras Full HD SDI. Recordings are provided in real time (25 frames per second) for all video inputs in Full HD resolution (1080p). The result, a blameless video quality!

Enjoying the Video Control POS System for recording and indexing the cash register transactions combined with video recording, the control operations on cash registers becomes easy.
Enter your search criteria: method of payment, vendor name, discount or offer. And check out the video associated with the operation.

Designed to be used everyday, you will love its intuitive user interface and responsiveness.

As with the entire range of E.O.S II+ recorders, check anytime your remote video surveillance system using a browser, supervision central E.O.S II Center provided or smartphone and tablet by downloading mobile application E.O.S II Mobile on iOS / Android applications stores.


System Embedded - Built in flash memory
Cash register connectable 1 RS232 / Ethernet
Video input 4 (HD-SDI) BNC
Audio input 4 RCA
Video compression H264
Audio compression G.723
Video output 1 HDMI, 1 VGA, 1 BNC
Output video resolution HDMI / VGA 1080p - Spot SDTV(720X480/576)
Audio output 1 RCA
Camera IP input N/A
Input/Output GPIO N/A
Recording resolution Max. 1080p : 1920x1080
Recording speed Max. 120(100) FPS @ 1080p
Recording capacity 500 Go up to 8 To
Hard disk rack N/A
Start record Continuous, Calendar, Motion, GPI, Auto(C+M)
Search record calendar, go to first/ last, last read, POS search, log search, Multi Day / Time
Optical recorder (backup) N/A
Backup (exportation) USB - Network
PTZ RS 485 terminal block
Standard Pelco P / D and lot of others (see user manual)
Alarms E-mail, Buzzer, Relay, PTZ Preset, E.O.S II Center
Remote access Web browser, E.O.S II Center, E.O.S II Mobile
Maximum user account 12
Bandwidth Control Yes
Control device Mouse, remote controller, front panel buttons
System upgrade USB memory, Network
Language French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Netherlander
Power supply 12V / 5A
Power consumption 40 Watts
Operation temperature 5 ~ 40°C
Humidity 10 % - 80%
Weight 3 kg without HDD
Dimensions 340 x 59 x 300 mm
Case Compact
Conformity & certification CE, FCC, RoHS

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