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Connect your cash register & video surveillance recorder by the LAN

  • Easy wiring
  • Increased compatibility to cash register without serial port
  • Increased compatibility to cash register without native LAN
  • Power supplied
  • Can be powered by a centralized power supply

The POSLAN-1 case brings an expanded compatibility Video Control POS System of our video surveillance recorders (DVR). Cash registers do not have serial port become compatible with the use of POSLAN-1. The cash registers private of native POS LAN connection too.
The POSLAN-1 can be used for only one cash register. The POSLAN-4 boxes and POSLAN-8 availables in order support respectively up to 4 and 8 cash registers.

Although available in 1, 4 and 8 cash registers, please make sure the number of cash registers supported by the video surveillance recorder (DVR).

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