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E.O.S II Center

Centralized management of E.O.S II video surveillance recorders

Using a remote computer for keep one eye on all installed base of E.O.S II video recorder surveillance (DVR).
E.O.S II Center is a monitoring software and centralized management of your video surveillance systems supplied for all E.O.S II video surveillance recorder acquisition.

  • Centralized management up to 1.000 E.O.S II video surveillance recorders (DVR) per computer
  • 144 surveillance cameras live display per screen
  • Customized matrix display creation
  • POS events from cash register system in live and playback
  • Search by Video control POS system, calendar and events
  • Health video surveillance system state

By installing E.O.S II Center on a computer you will enjoy the comfort of a central of supervision to control and view all of your sites. Therefore, on the same screen, watch up to 144 simultaneous surveillance cameras. Able to handle up to 1000 video recorders or 16 000 cameras, create custom display matrix by sector, building, business...

Access to records having the same search functions offered by our digital video surveillance recorders E.O.S II (DVR) : calendar search, event search and of course, search by cash register transaction (POS).

You will find within E.O.S II Center the same locally opportunities offered by the video control POS system. Actions carried out on cash registers (POS) will be displayed on each of the corresponding surveillance cameras in live and playback.

The list of  E.O.S II Center possibilities is long: Managing multi-user with customizable permissions, video backup, alarm management and relay (GPIO), display health status recorders and surveillance cameras, PTZ camera control...

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