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Video Control POS System

Display and recording cash register transactions integrated in video surveillance system

Shrinkage is a major scourge in the retail trade. An important part of the financial losses that stands out is from errors or malpractice made on the cash register. Then, in 2007, our first cash register control solution seduced the majority of vendors of POS solution and cash registers manufacturers.
With this experience, our solution evolved as the "Video Control POS System" in the family of E.O.S II video surveillance recorders to become loss prevention tool for collection the most effective and popular market.

  • Compatible with most major brands of cash registers and POS programs
  • Provides real-time integration of POS data from cash registers
  • Save and indexes transactions from the cash register to video sequences
  • Allows the subsequent compliance monitoring transactions
  • Serial interface and/or network (depending on model)

A surveillance camera above the payment place, the POS cash register (point of sale) connected to a E.O.S II video surveillance recorder and the monitoring of cash in business becomes clear. Actions in cash by personnel are filmed using a surveillance camera while transactions processed by the cash register are sent to the video surveillance recorder. Then the Video Control POS System comes into play for displaying superimposed data sent by the cash register on the video obtained by the surveillance camera. The consistency of the facts and verify instantly or later.

Indeed, data from the POS cash register is saved and indexed with the corresponding video for easy future replay. The Video Control POS System makes sense with the POS search possibilities. Enter an item, a ticket number, vendor name, a payment, rebate, offered and view the associated video. POS search possibilities are limited only by what the POS solution can provide.

Sequence analysis can be done locally from the video surveillance recorder and remote monitoring through the use of the central of supervision EOS II Center.

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